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Welcome to our blog!

Hello there!  Nice to meet you!  We are Jessi and Dave and we call this The Smiley Face Collective.

We have one basic goal. To capture YOU as you are.  Not cheesy.  Not staged.  Authentically you.

We love what we do and hope you do as well. 

This is our blog - where we show you some of our favorite things we've done lately.  Snoop around, get comfortable, and let us know what you think.  :)

thanks for coming!

oh, hey there…

oh, hey. remember us? we’re dave and jessi. we run this gig. no, we didn’t die or fall off the earth. we had another kid… i thought after over a year of absence on the blog, you all deserved a bit of an explanation. see, one baby was doable- i (jessi) could work during nap time or after bedtime. two was a game changer. like, a GAME CHANGER. big time. most days, i just try to get dressed, and if i get a shower? hey oh!! * now that hazel is 3 (what?!) and isaiah is 1 (whaaaaaat?!) i’m working on getting back on my a-game, whatever that means.
so, here i am. blogging the very things that took my attention away from here in the first place! dave and i have recently rediscovered our film cameras and are having a blast capturing life with them. personally, i feel like it’s reconnected me with why i started making images in the first place and has made me a better photographer. and it’s really fun to hear the shutter hammer down and have no idea what’s coming until you get your film developed! AND we bought a film scanner so we can actually do something with all our film images- totally exciting. the images you’re about to feast on are all of our family, and all over the last few months with our film cameras. (his- a pentax k1000, hers- a canon AE1) and don’t worry. i’ll get back to posting our images we get paid to take (feels wrong calling them “work images” because it doesn’t feel like work…) soon. in fact, i have about 10 weddings to blog. !! until then…
*don’t get me wrong- being a parent is the best thing i have ever done. i love being a mama and my babies are the coolest things ever. but it’s still hard. real hard. but also beautiful. real beautiful.

*disclaimer- i know i said these images were our family. this horse is not our family. i just thought it was cool…

the day megan and thomas got married

meet megan and thomas. you guys- i have no words for this day. megan and thomas are people that we are privileged to share life with and being part of their wedding day was just… mind blowing. the way he holds her? oh my. the way her eyes light up when he’s around? unreal. knowing their story and seeing how God has written their individual stories to now be one is beyond beautiful. these two were meant to find each other and adventure together. megan and thomas, seriously, we love the crap out of you two. thank you for letting us tell part of your story.

the day caleb and ellen got married

in 5 words: present to God’s full bounty

the day kate and chris got married

in 5 words: hearts for adventure, family, God

the day jordan and kurtis got married

in five words: perfectly lovely, to the core

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