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tim+beth :) married!

i (jessi) first met tim…. oh, 6 years ago? we go to church together and met at a friend’s christmas party. for some reason, he went in my phone as “best friend tim” and that’s how i addressed him for quite a long time. don’t ask me why. he’s a great guy- the kind of guy every mom hopes her daughter marries. so when i discovered he was dating a fantastic lady named beth, i was thrilled! tim deserves the best, and beth’s just the gal for him. she’s beautiful, sincere, intentional, and has what could possibly be the best laugh ever. you’ll see.
when we sat down for roll-your-own-sushi dinner with them, i loved the things they said about each other and the way their story unfolded. tim described his interactions with beth as “glimpses of God’s glory” and beth said they were “two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together.” seriously. i can’t make this stuff up.
tim+beth, we love you!!

the following is what happens when the bride tries to kiss the groom during the communion song, not when the pastor says you may kiss the bride…

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beth - wow. you guys are slaying me. so so so good.June 14, 2011 - 11:30 am

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